After Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic bonding is exactly that……COSMETIC. These fillings usually are made to close spaces between teeth or to add to lengths and corners. Most times patients should use caution when biting and chewing hard food. They are not as strong as a regular filling. The filling has been added to the tooth not built into the tooth.

The patient’s mouth will be slightly aware of the bondings at first. It might take a few days to become used to them. The teeth that have been bonded may be sensitive to temperatures at first. The chemicals and the UV light cause this but the sensitivity will pass. The patient should refrain from extreme temperatures during this time.

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Remember to avoid hard foods and things like nail-biting, etc.

Cosmetic bondings can stain and will not whiten with bleaching. In some cases, if you engage in sports or gymnastics, you may need to wear a sports guard to protect your bondings. Sports guards can be made for you here at this office.

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