Whitening Instructions for Custom Trays

This procedure is safe when used as directed, and has proven effective for most patients. It is important to follow all instructions.

The amount of whitening that occurs is dependent on three factors: 1) the length of time each day/evening the tray is worn; 2) the number of days the tray is worn, and 3) on external stains vs. internal stains. External stains will respond more quickly than internal deep stains.


  1. A custom tray to contain the whitening gel.
  2. Opalescence whitening gel, which contains fluoride and 15% carbamide peroxide. This material has been used for years as an oral antiseptic.

Whitening Procedure:

  1. Floss then brush teeth thoroughly.
  2. Express one dot of gel into the middle of the front surface of each tooth on the custom trays, skip all molars.
  3. Seat the trays completely and firmly onto the teeth.
  4. Gently wipe off excess gel—DO NOT USE TONGUE.
  5. If sensitivity occurs skip a day or two.
  6. Whiten until you reach your desired shade.
  7. Set up a schedule to maintain your whiter smile.
  8. Gel is not harmful.
  9. Keep the syringes refrigerated-shelf life of syringes is about 2 years if refrigerated.
  10. Wash trays in cold water only.
  11. Whitening process may reverse by what you eat or drink. Straws are recommended. Teeth may become porous if you over whiten.

The following substances should be avoided after whitening:

  • Coffee, Tea, Soy Sauce
  • Tobacco products, Berries
  • Mustard, Ketchup, Red Sauces
  • Cola, Red wine
  • Colored drinks using dye such as grape, Gatorade, Cranberry, etc.

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