After Tooth Extraction

Post-operative care is most important to hasten healing and recovery from Tooth Extraction surgery.. Follow these instructions carefully.

  1. Swelling, stiffness, bleeding, and some discomfort are normal and should not cause alarm.
  2. If medication has been prescribed, please take as directed and try to have it working before the anesthetic wears off. Take the medication with food.
  3. After we place moist gauze over the extraction, bite down for 30 45 minutes. If heavy bleeding continues, bite down on a moistened tea bag for another 30 45 minutes. Repeat for as long as necessary.
  4. Apply ice to your face for the first couple of hours 15 minutes on/15 minutes off.
  5. Over the next 48 hours, prop your head up higher than usual when you sleep.
  • Do not smoke
  • Do not spit out
  • Do not use straws
  • Do not drink carbonated soda
  • Do not bend over or engage in activities requiring heavy exertion

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