Before And After Sedation

Instructions Before Your Sedation Appointment

  1. You will not be put to sleep.
  2. No food or water (except water with meds) for six hours prior to appointment. However, if you are a diabetic, you may have a light, low fat, breakfast on the day of your appointment.
  3. No sedatives for 24 hours before or after your sedation visit other than the ones prescribed by your dentist. For example: No alcohol or sleep medications.
  4. No stimulants for 12 hours before or after. No coffee, sugar, caffeine, or nicotine.
  5. For females: Let your dentist know if there is the slightest possibility you may be pregnant. If so, it is best to delay the sedation visit until status is known in order to not cause any harm to the fetus. If you require a sedation visit while you are breast-feeding, then the day before your appointment, it is best to pump and store. Then the day of your appointment, pump and discard, and use the stored milk from the previous day.
  6. Inform your dentist if you are sensitive to medications that will be used during your sedation visit, such as: Benzodiazepines, Hydroxyzine, and Zaleplon.
  7. No grapefruit juice 2 3 days prior due to its interaction with certain enzymes in the liver needed to properly metabolize the sedation medications.
  8. No contact lenses.
  9. You must have a responsible person to bring you to the office and take you home afterwards.

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Instructions Following Your Sedation Appointment

  1. No driving for 24 hours after.
  2. No operating hazardous devices.
  3. No heavy lifting.
  4. No stairs.
  5. No important decisions.
  6. No alcohol.
  7. Drink plenty of fluids.