After Your Tissue Trim

  1. Your gums have been trimmed to expose more length of your teeth. This procedure is to allow ALL of your natural tooth to show.
  2. You may have a pink putty band-aid lying across the surgical site. This should be left on for at least 2 to 3 days. It allows gums to heal a bit before exposing to air, liquids and food. You may remove the putty yourself after 3 days by gently picking or peeling it loose. While wearing the putty you must still gently brush those teeth.
  3. Once you remove the putty it may look worse before it gets better. It may look red raw for another day or two and then it forms a white slimy film over the redness. The white appearance is the beginning of the healing tissue. Do not try to remove the film. Still continue to brush and begin using the rinse you were provided 2 3 times a day. Light saltwater rinses are also very soothing.
  4. During your healing period, you may want to not eat foods requiring biting with your front teeth.
  5. Avoid:
    • Spicy food.
    • Salad dressing with vinegar.
    • Acid foods and liquids such as citrus and tomatoes.
    • Crunchy, hard foods such as chips and croutons.
  6. Use your tongue to bathe over the trimmed area.
  7. Your follow up appointment will be in two weeks.

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